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  "I cannot say enough positive things about Redwood Legend and their amazing dogs.  I have purchased both puppies and semen from Haylie.  Both of the French Bulldogs I purchased are the picture of health and have gone on to produce amazing litters of their own.  Her ability to ship viable semen in a timely fashion is second to none.  I would recommend this operation hands down with certainty they will not disappoint."

From: Emily Graham DVM (Mom of Quin & Aria; Daughter's of Deja' & Oakley) owner of 'Highlands Veterinary Clinic' in Selma, VA.

  "I recently bought a puppy from Redwood Legend;  Haylie made the process so enjoyable and very easy.  I had many questions and she always answered them promptly and never made me feel like I was a bother.  I wasn't in the market for a puppy but when I saw her puppies I had to have one.  She is a very ethical breeder and truly has the best looking Frenchie's I've ever seen.  She takes excellent care of her dogs and it shows in how sweet and loving they are.  I couldn't be happier with lil' bundle of joy.  She is everything I could ask for and more! Thank you Haylie!"

From:  Leah Lymath Hermoso (Mom of Roe; Daughter of Petra) in Sacramento, CA.

    "My boyfriend and I decided early on that our dogs would be our kids. 13 years later and we find ourselves broken with the having to say goodbye to not one, but 2 of our family members of the last 12 years within 6 months of each other. It left our family in pieces as this was a hurt no one could avoid or hide from. After a lot of thought we decided that our home was missing that feeling it use to have of smiles and laughter and innocent antics and that it was time to add a new member to our family. However impossible those shoes were to fill, we knew it was time to open our hearts. I had known Haylie from school and knew her to be sweet and kind and saw her passion for her pups and breeding right away. I knew her most recent litter had our pup in it, I just knew. She was so helpful and understanding of our heartache and was gentle in helping us welcome this new puppy into our hearts and home. the moment we brought our little girl home I knew that we had made the right decision. she has been such a blessing to our family. she is now best buddies with our olde English who had been missing her play pal terribly since she passed. even our older girl who lays claim to the couch mostly lets her curl up into her belly for a nap and my boyfriend and I no longer feel that agonizing pang of sadness and loss, as she reminds us daily of the same sweet moments we miss so much, along with her own unique character that will create new memories to last us a lifetime."     

​From:  Tawnee Morse and Johnny Goforth in Fortuna, CA.

  "I researched breeders online for almost a year before deciding on Redwood Legend, and couldn't be more thrilled with my decision. Haylie is a French Bulldog expert, and produces extremely high quality pups. In terms of health, structure, color, and temperament, these dogs are top of the line. I flew in from Virginia to pick up my puppy, and before arriving already felt that we were life-long friends. She'd spent hours on the phone with me answering questions and guiding me into my first Frenchie foray. Redwood Legend Frenchies are lovingly raised and their behavior analyzed before moving in with their new owners. We love ours so much. She's grown into such a beautiful dog. Be forewarned though, once you get one, you'll want more. And every time I see they have a  new liter on Facebook, I mentally start counting my pennies. Someday..." 

​From:  Jessica Andersen (Mom of Penelope Mae; Daughter of Shay Butter) in Northern VA.


  "Haylie is a caring conscientious, kind owner and runs an outstanding breeder program!  She listened to our needs, learned about our home and who we were as possible adoptive parents with compassion and discernment.  She was honest, professional, and very caring about us and our puppy.  I researched  and spoke to many other breeders all which offered assistance.  In the end I felt that the connection and extra personal care expressed by Haylie was by far most meaningful and what easily made the decision for us.  We have no regrets at all!  Our puppy was cared for within their home and among family.  The socialization and loving experience our baby experienced from birth to delivery (and even after follow up) to our home cannot be surpassed!  The whole experience was above and beyond and exceeded our expectations!  Thank you for being exemplary breeders and wonderful people!"

From: Alexandra Boggio (Mom of Boghi; Daughter of Petra) in Orange County, CA.





     Bellow you will find some statements of people who have made "Redwood Legend" a part of their family and brought one or more of our amazing puppies into their live's.  We would like you to hear about the experiences that other people have had when dealing with "Redwood Legend", and how they are doing with their new family member after leaving our "Den".



  "My Experience with these guy's was and always is wonderful.  They are very pleasant to deal with.  Their establishment is top-notch and the dogs are more than spoiled and very well taken care of.  Also, very knowledgeable and willing to help in any way, any time.  I will definitely be doing future business... EVERYBODY NEEDS A FRENCHIE!!

Thnx Justin & Haylie"

​From:  Caleb Carter (Eye Candy Frenchie's) in Houston, TX.

      If you would like to know more, or would like to reach out to the above named people please feel free to contact us.  We enjoy hearing about others experiences with 'Redwood Legend' and would like to receive more Testimonials.  If you have a story or experience you would like to share please email it to RedwoodLegend11@gmail.com