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Why Frenchie's are the Best

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    We specialize in rare colored French Bulldogs that we hand select from only the best, most elite "true-to-type" bloodlines.  Quality and structure that we produce can not be obtained anywhere else.  Our rare colors combined with unmatched quality set us apart from other top rare colored breeders.  Raising these puppies is such a rewarding process that we dedicate all of our time to ensure the most amazing, healthy outcomes.


    We have spent the last Six years learning about the breed and studying coat color genetics.  We strive to breed the most healthy, beautiful, and happy French Bulldogs possible.  Working with other local breeders as well as national level kennels we have learned to consistently breed amazing,  animals.  We use only the best quality bloodlines to breed our "Frenchie's" with. 

    It is a constantly evolving endeavor for us to provide the perfect French Bulldog, so we only have up to a few litters a year; going for quality over quantity.  If you or someone you know are/is interested in joining the "Frenchie" community please contact us to discuss upcoming litters.   

    We here at Redwood Legend would be delighted to help you with any questions you may have regarding this wonderful breed. 

  • Great travel companions
  • Small and Compact
  • Great with Children
  • Hilariously funny
  • Full of Love
  • Easily trained
  • Super Cute
  • Tons of personality
  • Very Playful
  • Hours of entertainment

1).   Why are you breeding / what are your goals?

2).   Do you know the standard of your breed inside and out?

3).   Do you have the right dog?

4).   Do you have the money?

5).   Do you have the time?

6).   Is your property zoned to allow it?

7).   Do you have the space?

8).   Do you know how to care for puppies?

9).   What will you do with Ten plus pup's?

10). Are you prepared for the "what if's" (female won't produce milk, female won't care for pup's, female die's, etc...)?

11). Are you prepared to take week's off of work?

12). Can you live on 30 minute increments of sleep for weeks?

13). Is your dog slightly difficult at times? (expect it to escalate Ten fold with hormones)

14). Can you put aside money for emergency c-sections, health testing, fading pup's, unexpected bleeding, epilepsy, supplies, etc...?

15). Are you willing to field questions and have strangers pushing your boundaries?

16). Do you have the strength to put your foot down and not be subjected to sob stories, low balling, and bickering? 

17). Are you prepared to warranty the puppies and except them back under any circumstances? 

18). Can you be unbiased of your pet enough to know if they are a good puppy producer or not?

19). Are you willing and able to give advice and answer a lifetime of questions, day or night, holiday or weekend, regarding a dog from your lines.  Even if only one of your dogs is in the pedigree of another dog and you just happen to be the only person the owner can track down to ask questions of about their dogs pedigree?

Remember, just because you own a dog doesn't mean you should breed it!  Just like showing, it isn't for everyone and if you don't know the answer to even one of these questions you are probably not ready to breed.

Before you decide to breed here are some questions you might want to ask yourself: