"Guntha" is a Blue Fawn pied that carries chocolate. He is the proud father of our "keeper" female 'Guava'.  He is considered a mini or (Pocket Frenchie) wieghing only 17lbs. His DNA is: dd/Bd


    "Obi" is a Lilac fawn that carries tri & cream and is going to help us achieve the highest quality Lilac & Tans to date!  He is a tripple carry with bb/dd - Em/e -  ay/at.

     Bellow is our line-up of Stud's that we use in house for our program as well as "Stud-Out" to other breeders.  We currently have Three up-and-coming males that will be ready for use this summer (2017) and early next year (2018).  If you or somebody you know is interested in using one of our stud's please contact us as soon as possible to get your name on the list.  We will be adding more to this category shortly.


    "Cash" is a chocolate cream that carries blue and is going to be the foundation of or up-and-coming rare colored cream line.  He is a tripple carry with e/e - b/b - D/d