Below is our Line-up of amazing "Frenchie's", we currently have Nine Female's in our breeding program. Some of which are co-own's and live off site with their loving families.  If you enjoy their photo please "click" on their name to see more.  Along with our other rare colors we are now breeding Black & Tan, Lilac & Tan, Merle & Tan, Blue & Tan, and Chocolate & Tan!     All pets are AKC and/or CKC registered, up do date on vaccinations and will be health certified upon departure. 

    Salem is short and stocky black brindle(D/d-a/a B/?) female from Hungary in Europe; she is the smallest of our puppies and the most energetic fun loving of them all.  She has an amazing all black coat.  She is just under One year old. 

    Oakley is a beautiful mask-less blue fawn (d/d-ay/ay-E/e B/?) female; she is second generation to this outstanding line of ours; Shay is her mother. She gets her pretty red hue from her sire, "Simba" (Daniela Riderelli).  Our plans are for her to make pure white, blue creams puppies in the near future.

    We recently received our new girl "Kenya",  a gorgeous Chocolate and Tan (b/b-D/d-E/e-at/a).  She is perfect in every way and is still finding her place in the pack.  


     Sansa is our home bred Merle and Tan (D/d - B/b -at/at - ky/ky - N/N - M/m) daughter of our Bitch Zkittlez and "Leroy" (Lilac/Tan by Mike Bay).  We are looking forward to creating the very rare and highly sought after Lilac and tan Merle. 

    Zkittlez is our Black and Tan Merle (M/m-D/d-a/at) puppy and has just made it to the states.  Zkittlez is one of our biggest head turner's; everywhere she goes people can't resist playing with her and wanting to know all about her.  She is so well behaved and a great travel companion. 


     Petra is our home bred Maskless Blue Fawn (d/d - ay/at - E/e - ky/ky) daughter of  our Bitch Shay.  She carries Tri and Cream and will produce quality Blue & Tan and Blu Cream pups.  We are excited to see her first litter in early 2018. 



     Niya is our first and only TESTABLE Chocolate Pied baby with the most amazing genetics (a/a - D/d - b/b - ky/kb - s/s).  We are very lucky to have the opportunity to add her to our program.  This color is one of the most rare in the world at this time.  She will produce Isabella (Lilac) and Tans, as well as Isabella creams (which to date has not been done with this breed).  Bred by Joyce Wild at "Wildwood Bulldogs", her sire is the famous "Hershey Bar" owned by Rick Perez.


     Tessa is our first Standard baby and we are very excited to see her line achieve champion show quality pups with an itty-bitty stature.  She is the smallest of our line and her proportions are on point to take the show!



    Deja' is our wonderful little Blue and Tan (d/d-E/e-a/at) female; she is quite, reserved, and very affectionate. She is the youngest of our pack and will be the next female having a litter. She has a beautiful dark blue coat with red points and a white chest. She is just over One year old.

    Boost our Black Trindel Tripple carry. (D/d - B/b - at/at - N/S - kb/ky). Deja' is her mother and she gets her compact structure from her sire, "Sake" (Manuel Garcia). She is one of our most compact females at just 19 pounds full grown. She fit back in with our pack seamlessly after being raised in a pet home for her first year.

    Shay is our beautiful mask-less blue fawn (d/d-ay/ay  B/?) female; she is our most playful, bubbly, and energetic companion of all. She has an amazing Blue-Fawn colored coat and is Three years old. Very playful and loves to be free to run around the yard with our son and daughter for hours on end.

Our Extended Furr Family


     Royal  is our home bred Blue and Tan Quad Carry (d/d-B/b-E/e-at/at) daughter of  our Bitch Deja', and the internationally known "Sake" (Manuel Garcia).  We are very excited about her future here at Redwood Legend.  She will produce our third generation Blue and Tan's, as well as Lilac and Tan's!! 


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